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Yoga and Аyurveda

in Varkala Beach, Kerala (South India), from the 6th to 16th January 2019


We are very happy to present you our upcoming Retreat in India ... Devi speaks Russian, German, English and French!

Join us!

Retreat program:

4th January - Departure

5th January - Arrival at Trivandrum Airport. Accommodation at the hotel, lunch, and currency exchange. Evening meeting with all participants.

6th - 15th January - Training

15th January - " our last evening together": final Dinner, reviews, conversations and sharing experiences.

16th January - Morning Meditation. 

Our DAILY training schedule:

5am - 6am - Meditation

6am - 10am - Hatha Yoga Practice

11am - 4pm - Free time (breakfast, lunch and Ayurveda)

4pm - 6pm - Practice on the beach, asanas and pranayama

6:30pm - 7pm - Meditation Sunset

8pm - 9pm - Evening meditation, mantras

in Extra: Enjoy traditional Ayurvedic massages, facial, skin and hair strengthening therapies, and experience supreme relaxation in your Body and more importantly within yourself!


Retreat's thema

-Yoga and ayurveda-


The Hatha Yoga class will be led by Master Devi Guidat. The first morning session (lasting 4 to 6 hours) aims at toning your body. The second session in the afternoon (approximately 1 to 2 hours) focuses on recovery, relaxation, and meditation.


In addition to your physical efforts, Ayurvedic treatments will be of great help to heal your body and mind. Many institutes and professional therapists are available on site at different costs. We will tell you the best options and we will assist you in order to find out those that are most suitable for you. Some personal care plans can last from 10 to 30 days long!


Varkala is located at 50 Km from Trivandrum (the nearest airport).


The price is fixed at € 300 (Euros): for 10 consecutive days of intensive Hatha Yoga practice. The daily duration of the yoga practice lasts from 8 to 9 hours, for the both; physical and mental practices!


Accommodation - 1200 Rupees (INR) for a double room (on average)

Meals - 500 Rupees (INR) per day (on average)


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