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The love of Yoga

We believe deeply in the practice of yoga to heal and to transform our lives. Every day, we are experiencing how yoga is effectively transforming the minds of our students and healing their bodies.

Finally, yoga rejuvenates the spirit. We find yoga to be an invaluable resource and a vital part of our day to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. That is why our team wants to share yoga with everyone.

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Yoga Master

As an experienced yoga teacher, she is also the founder of Patanjali Yoga School in St. Petersburg (Russia) in partnership with Yoga Alliance (India). It certifies future teachers with a training on Hatha Yoga 100, 200, 500 hours. Devi is mastering all the classic styles of Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, yoga Universal, sukshma Vyayama yoga, Satyananda yoga, Iyengar yoga. She holds a degree of "Master Yoga Teacher" since 2003. In over 20 years of teaching, she has been able to gain a deep knowledge of the yoga therapy. In 2013, she created a new concept: "YogaHoly" and decided to popularize it on the Internet. This concept wants to address the need for authenticity in the daily life of yoga practitioners. By doing so, she connects the archaism of the ancient techniques of Yoga with the modernity of the 21th century. Being sensitive to the spiritual life and its development, she practices and teaches meditation as well. She organizes international seminars and travels around the world. She opened her own school "Patanjali Yoga School" since 2017, where she is teaching her own style named: Devi Style.

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He began practicing yoga in India at the age of 30 years. Immediately, he could feel the benefits of yoga in his body. Yoga has, so to speak, transformed his life. Today, Yoga accompanies him wherever he goes and gives him a discipline that always makes him more eager to learn and improve himself. He now has the firm belief that yoga reveals the secret of our existence, giving a greater value to our lives in the present moment...

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